MBA Data That Matters: P&Q’s Complete Stats Collection Of 2021

People love making lists. They provide a sense of control — order from clutter, a beginning and an end. Just jotting tasks down on paper makes them less intimidating. Writing drives action. After all, what act is more satisfying than crossing an item off a list?

MBAs take it a step further. They love to brainstorm and plan, rattling off notes and chopping big projects into smaller, interconnected parts. More than that, they love to compare. That may start with how they match up with peers, to give them a clearer picture of their odds. Soon enough, they are comparing schools side-by-side. From financial aid to debt — and pay, of course —they’re seeking out the best return. More than that, they are parsing every data point to reinforce that gut feeling that this school is the best fit. It is the place where they can be themselves, build the right network, enjoy their time, and position themselves for their dream careers.

Every data point tells a story. It may reflect school selectivity or employer preferences, the diversity of the student body or surprise costs that sink budgets. In other words, data is the starting point that cuts through the fluff, to give professionals a clearer idea where to best invest their time. That’s where Poets&Quants comes into play. This year, we ran 70 stories on inputs and outputs — and everything in-between. From MBB compensation packages to industry feeders, here is the data that matters most to MBAs.


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Top 100 MBA Programs That Are Now Waiving GMAT and GRE Tests



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MBA Pay By Region: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

MBA Pay By Industry: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

MBA Internship Pay and Placement At The Top 25

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2020 Job Search MBA Placement Rates Down Across The Board

Still Rising Average Starting Salaries Kept Growing For MBAs In 2020



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