Mr. Cardshark

About Me:

I lived out my dream of being a professional poker player. Now I want to enter the world of finance. Admittedly, I have little experience in finance (other than managing my own money) or the corporate world in general (other than a summer internship).


Target School: USC Marshall

Considering: UCLA Anderson

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Top US Public

Undergrad Major: Humanities

GPA: 3.3

GRE: 332

Age: 29,  Ethnicity: White

Extracurriculars: Golf

Work History:

Title: Poker Pro

Industry: Other

Company: Other

Length of Employment: 5 yrs, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

I moved to my dream city and built wealth.

Post MBA Goal:

Become a finance professional.


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