Mr. Indian Healthcare Analytics

About Me:

I am an IIT engineering graduate from India with 5+ years of experience working in healthcare across leading organizations. I have a GMAT of 720. In terms of extracurricular, I am a certified Yoga Professional and a dramatics guy who has been part of plays and short films in the past.


Target School: MIT Sloan

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: IIT

Undergrad Major: Civil Engineering

GPA: 7.8

GMAT: 720

Age: 27,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: Mba Maths

Extracurriculars: Certified Yoga Professional and Ministry of Healthcare.

Work History:

Title: Senior Analyst

Industry: Healthcare

Company: Fortune 500

Length of Employment: 2 yrs, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

Have proactively identified opportunities and went beyond the job description to pitch and spearhead the implementation at various instances

Post MBA Goal:

Transform self into a leader at the intersection of healthcare, innovation, and technology


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  • mbaMission Odds Assessment: 15%

    Hi Mr. Indian Healthcare Analytics,
    It’s great that you’re passionate about healthcare – we need talented people like you in the sector! This is Debbie Choy from mbaMission, and I have a healthcare background myself. I think there are a lot of strengths in your profile – strong career trajectory, solid academics, and differentiated extracurricular activities. As you pull your apps together, be sure to describe what motivates you to be passionate about your career goals. Why are you passionate about healthcare? And why MBA? What specific skillset or knowledge are you seeking at MIT Sloan that you are not learning on the job? If you can articulate this compellingly in your essays, that would be the key to your application success. If you would like …

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