Top Feeder Schools To Columbia B-School


Top Feeder Schools to Columbia Business School

Top Feeder Colleges to Columbia Business SchoolEstimated % of Class of 2013Estimated Number in Class of 2013Number Found in Facebook
1. UPenn4.8%3122
2. Columbia4.6%3021
3. Duke3.1%2014
4. Georgetown2.8%1813
5. Harvard2.4%1511
5. Cornell2.4%1511
5. Michigan2.4%1511
5. UC-Berkeley2.4%1511
9. Dartmouth2.2%1410
10. New York University2.0%139
10. Princeton2.0%139
10. University of Virginia2.0%139
13. West Point1.8%128
14. Yale1.5%107
15. Brown1.3%86
15. Northwestern1.3%86
15. Washington University1.3%86
15. Williams1.3%86
19. McGill University1.1%75
19. Seoul1.1%75
19. UCLA1.1%75
19. Texas-Austin1.1%75
19. Boston University1.1%75
19. Southern California1.1%75
19. Stanford1.1%75
19. University of Maryland1.1%75
27. Penn State0.9%64
27. University of Illinois0.9%64
27. Amherst0.9%64
27. Purdue0.9%64

Source: These numbers are calculated from Columbia Business School’s Class of 2013 Facebook page. The undergraduate backgrounds of 457 members of the incoming class could be verified by Poets&Quants using Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sources.  Some 548 students enrolled in the class that started in August of 2011. Columbia expects nearly 200 more to enroll for its January startup. The estimate of students from a specific school are based on the percentage of the confirmed sample who have come from that university. Data compiled by Liza Rodler.

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