MBA Admission Consultants Who Once Worked On The Inside

By no means is this a complete list, but it gives you a sense of how common it has become for MBA admission officials to become MBA admission consultants. Dozens of business school adcom staffers have made the switch, bringing with them inside knowhow of how admission decisions are made.

Former Adcom Officials Who Now Consult With MBA Applicants



School  Consultant Firm Former Admissions Title
Harvard Maxx Duffy Maxx Associates Associate Director (19NA-1976)
Harvard Chioma Isiadinso EXPARTUS Assistant Director (2000-2002)
Harvard Mollie Wolin EXPARTUS Assistant Director (2000-2004)
Harvard Pauline Jennett The MBA Exchange Associate Director (2008-2012)
Stanford Lisa Park The Admission Advisory Group Assistant Director (1998-2004)
Stanford Maureen Phalen The Admission Advisory Group Assistant Director (1999-2002)
Stanford Katharine Lewis mbaMission Admissions Reader (2007-2009)
Wharton Judith Hodara Senior Associate Director (2004-2009)
Wharton Kimberly Raynor-Smith The MBA Exchange Associate Director (2001-2004)
Wharton Graham Richmond Clear Admit Counselor


Wharton Brett Haber Clear Admit Counselor


Chicago Brad Pearson The MBA Exchange Associate Director (1997-2000)
Columbia Heather Nicholson The MBA Exchange Assistant Director (1997-2001)
Columbia Joanne Garcé-Rodríguez The MBA Exchange Manager, EMBA Program (1998-2002)
Columbia Jennifer LaRusso-Leung The MBA Exchange Associate Director (2008-2011)
Columbia Deena Maerowitz Clear Admit Associate Director (2004-2005)
Dartmouth Stacey Oyler Clear Admit Assistant Director (2003-2005)
Michigan Aparna Baman The MBA Exchange Associate Director (2006-2010)
Michigan Jana Blanchette Inside MBA Admissions Senior Director (2007-2008)
Michigan Natalie Brinblatt Epstein Director, Enrollment Mgt. (1987-1998)
Cornell Natalie Brinblatt Epstein Director (1998-2005)
UCLA Karen Lee The MBA Exchange Associate Director (2004-2006)



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