More Essential Business MOOCs for October

Power Onboarding


Thinking about a new job? You’re not alone. According to The Wall Street Journal, more Americans are leaving their jobs at the highest rate in four years. If not, you’re probably angling for a promotion. But an enviable track record and goodwill only gets you so far. Even if you make the leap, you’ll need a plan to make an immediate impact.

“And that’s the thinking behind William J. White’s “Power Onboarding” MOOC that starts on October 12th. In a recent interview, White, a Northwestern University professor, emphasized just how critical it is to be deliberate in the first days on the job. “In a mid-manager job, reaching 70 percent efficiency usually takes 21 months. With preparation, you can take 21 months down to 12 months. Your employers will be thrilled, and you’ll feel more confident.”

To White, the time between accepting a job and onboarding is key to success. That’s why students complete a six-part plan, so they can zero in on what’s important. And it’s a discipline that’ll come in handy over a career, White notes. “A typical person will change jobs seven times in a lifetime. There are many opportunities to make great leaps in job performance.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for October, probably the year’s busiest month for MOOCs. In fact, there are so many offerings this month that we’ve divided them up into two chunks. Earlier this month, Poets&Quants profiled the top business MOOCs for early October. And now, we’re here to give you the rest.

Looking to start the equivalent of an elite MBA curriculum? Check out Wharton’s “An Introduction to Marketing,” a no-frills version of one of the foundational courses taken by every Wharton MBA (and taught by the same professors who lecture the full-time MBAs). The same is true of the University of Virginia’s Darden School course, “Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses,” which is taught by Edward Hess, a celebrity professor who regularly appears in outlets ranging from FOX Business to Fortune magazine.

This month, you’ll also find courses from a lot of other prestige schools on managing up, leveraging digital marketing, negotiating better deals, and managing innovation. Cornell’s offering a deep, historic dive in American Capitalism. Duke University has tossed in an course on Advertising and Society. And the Ecole Centrale Paris has an intriguing exploration into What Managers Can Learn From Philosophy.

Want to learn more about these courses? Click on the links below, where you also can enroll in these courses.

Power Onboarding / October 12 / Northwestern University

How to Read Your Boss / October 27 / University of Nottingham

An Introduction to Marketing / October 14 / Wharton School of Business

Financial Markets / October 20 / Yale University

Grow To Greatness: Smart Growth For Private Businesses – Part I / October 20 / University of Virginia (Darden)

American Capitalism: A History / October 21 / Cornell University

Entrepreneurship and Healthcare in Emerging Economies / October 30 / Harvard University

Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights / October 13 / University of Southampton

The Power of Brands / October 20 / University of East Anglia

Innovation and Enterprise / October 20 / Loughbourgh University

Microeconomics Principles / October 20 / University of Illinois

Advertising and Society / October 27 / Duke University

Negotiation: Navigating Professional and Personal Interactions / October 20 / Creighton University

On Strategy: What Managers Can Learn From Philosophy / October 28 / Ecole Centrale Paris

Additional Courses

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