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Jaw Dropping MBA Pay of 2013

Ever wonder what someone makes? Sure, you can go on Glassdoor to get salary ranges. But you’re always wondering: Is he at the top or bottom of the scale? There’s no shame in being competitive. Employers peg our worth against others all the time. If you’re an MBA – where class ranks and grades are irrelevant – the best way to measure yourself is with a starting salary.

Take Harvard, for example. In 2013, the average starting salary was $120,700. Would you believe the highest base was $300K – and the biggest signing bonus was $200K for HBS grads? Bet you’d be surprised to learn that one SMU grad landed a $200K base to start in finance? Or, one Penn State MBA collected a $115,000 signing bonus?  Curious to find out who’s earning the most? Check out our exclusive analysis of the biggest 2013 salaries and bonuses at the top 50 business schools.

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