Best Business MOOCs For November

Grants 2

Introduction to Finding Grants


School: The Foundation Center

Platform: Canvas

Registration Link:  Introduction to Finding Grants

Start Date: November 16, 2015 (Self-Paced)

Workload: 3 Hours Long.

Instructor: Foundation Center

Credentials: For 60 years, the Foundation Center has been a leading source of training and research in the philanthropy sector. It operates learning centers in five American cities, as well as a content-rich website. It also publishes Philanthropy News and maintains an exhaustive database on leading foundation, donors and grants.

Graded: Not specified.

Description: Looking to fund a nonprofit? Courting donors can be a long process with mixed results. To earn large blocs of dollars to support your mission, many nonprofits turn to applying for grants. Question is, where do you start – and what is required? In this course, the Foundation Center will introduce you to the types of grants available – and what grantmakers expects from applicants. This course will also teach you how to identify potential funding sources (and your match with them) and develop a strategy for woo these foundations and funders. The content will be covered through videos and readings, with quizzes given to test your knowledge.

Review: No reviews.

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