Best Free MOOCs In Business For January

Networking Leadership 101: Building Your Core Professional Network

School: Acumen

Platform: NovoEd

Registration Link: REGISTER HERE

Start Date: January 10, 2017 (5 Weeks Long)

Workload: 4 Hours Total

Instructor: Acumen and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

Credentials: Acumen’s online courses are designed to stimulate moral imagination and enhance financial and operational skills. Overall, Acumen’s mission is to “equip emerging change leaders with the tools to change the way the world tackles poverty and build a world based on dignity.” CCL has been a global provider of executive leadership education since 1970.

Graded: Students who meet course requirements will receive a Statement of Accomplishment.

Description: It isn’t by accident that “work” is part of “networking.” It requires you to continuously reach out to others, sometimes offering help without receiving anything in return. If you want to advance in your career, you need advocates who know both who you are and what can do. In this course,” you’ll complete interactive diagnostic activities that will help you and your team unearth the social capital and relationships that you bring to the table. You’ll be exposed to new data visualization tools for mapping your network; learn about 5 network traps to avoid that are particularly common to the social sector; and, most importantly, gain concrete strategies for building genuinely collaborative relationships.” As part of these exercises, you’ll identify gaps in your networks, as well as learn best practices for making introductions and deepening your existing relationships.

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