Podcast Interview With HEC Paris’ Marguerite Gallant

Marguerite Gallant, director of HEC Paris’ London office

HEC Paris

“Be authentic,” advises Marguerite Gallant, director of the London office for HEC Paris. “Don’t try and stick to a stereotype that you feel an MBA program should be for. We are looking for individuals. We are, of course, looking for very high levels of academic and professional achievement. But beyond that, we are looking for great potential and for people who bring value to the classroom. You may be a software engineer and think there are thousands like you who are going to apply. But what is it that really makes you stand out? What makes you a different person who will bring value to the program? Perhaps it is the NGO you worked for or the startup company you launched as a student. We really want to see that uniqueness in your application.”

Listen to our CentreCourt MBA Festival interview with Marguerite Gallant, director of HEC Paris’ London office

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