Tips For Your MBA Interview With An Alum

Tips For Your Alumni Interview

At some point in your MBA application process, you may have to participate in an interview with an alumnus.

It’s a way for adcoms to get another perspective on you as a candidate, according to Cindy Tokumitsu of Accepted.

“The adcom already sees the application; this approach gives them another set of eyes and ears, another perspective on the applicant – the perspective of someone invested in the program,” Tokumitsu writes.

But what exactly can you as an applicant do to prepare for an alumni interview?

Melissa Jones, of Fortuna Admissions, recently offered a few tips applicants can utilize to prepare.


Prior to their interview, Jones recommends that applicants do some research on their interviewers.

“Check out their profile on LinkedIn and do a Google search, at the minimum,” Jones writes. “Give some thought to what you might have in common – this can be useful as an ice-breaker.”


Often times, an interviewer will like to see that you’ve done your research thoroughly about the program.

Thus, it’s important for applicants to use the interview to ask what Jones calls the “nitty-gritty questions.”

“When it’s your turn to ask questions, use the opportunity wisely; don’t make the mistake of asking questions for which the information is easily available online,” Jones writes.


During your interview, you’re likely to be asked questions that ask you to walk through your resume or tell the interviewer a bit about yourself.

Jones recommends that applicants prepare a 30-to-60 second elevator pitch.

“Your MBA elevator pitch is a concise and compelling conversation opener that speaks to who you are, what you’re passionate about and what’s driving you to pursue your business school degree,” Jones writes. “Your goal is to both create a positive first impression and open the door to further conversation by generating interest.”

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