Mr. Military Pilot

About Me:

Naturalized Citizen and first-generation College grad. I had the opportunity to serve as a Medevac Pilot in the U.S. Army for over 9 years and flew 3 different types of aircraft. I am currently still serving in the Reserves as a Pilot and my civilian occupation is a Software Developer/Scrum Master for a Fortune 500 bank.


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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: Wayland Baptist University

Undergrad Major: Business

GPA: 3.5

GMAT: 710

Age: 31,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Extracurriculars: Vice President on Non-Profit Church Organization

Work History:

Title: Software Developer/Scrum Master

Industry: Technology

Company: Fortune 500

Length of Employment: 5 yrs, 9 mos

Big Life Wins:

One of my biggest successes’ in life is becoming a Pilot in the Military. As a kid, I used to fantasize about the leadership and sharpness Pilots were depicted to have. Because of this, I have been to travel to multiple countries and be able to grow as an individual and leader throughout stressful, challenging, and enjoyable experiences.

Post MBA Goal:

My personal outcome is to fine-tune, learn, and experience new leadership skills and styles in a business environment. Professionally, I want to see through the scope of academia on how to handle problems, create solutions, and innovate.


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    Hi Mr. Military Pilot,
    Thanks for posting your profile. This is Debbie Choy, Senior Consultant at mbaMission sharing my thoughts. I think your background as a first generation college grad, military pilot and now Scrum Master is impressive! I also like that you’re a leader in your community. Your unique personal background and work experiences are all things that business schools are looking for. That said, your GMAT score is a shade below the average at Yale (which averages 720-730). But I don’t think that is a deal-breaker because the Admissions Committee (AdCom) evaluates your profile holistically. So be sure to share your personal and work stories, which help differentiate you. Beyond sharing these stories, also explain what your specific career goals are, apart from honing …

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