Dee Leopold’s Harvard B-School Webinar Slides

Leopold: “The next phase is called “Tell Us More” and that’s our interview process. Everyone we admit will have been interviewed. Interviews are 30 minutes; I promise you time will fly by, and they are all conducted by members of our admissions board. We like to have a small group of people see a large number of candidates. That enables us to know more about the candidate and spend less time trying to calibrate our interviewers in order to get to the class size we have, which is 900. If we were to use another model of engaging alums—we know our alums are busy, and we would have to have an awful lot of alums doing a few interviews which I think would get between us and the candidate. So we like this model.

“Interviews are offered on campus and this year there will be…..stay tuned because the on-campus interview activities will be robust. We will give you an opportunity to get to know the school very well during the interview process. We will also travel to hub cities; if travel is impossible, or you are in a remote location or in the military, we will be happy to offer a Skype interview.“

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