Dee Leopold’s Harvard B-School Webinar Slides

Leopold: “I don’t know how many of you have interest in 2+2. Take a look at this slide, this program is designed to attract college students to thinking about business school. It’s a vehicle to capture the minds and hearts of college students who we think will be great leaders and managers in both the non-profit sector, for profit sector, entrepreneurship, and the value proposition is: apply when you’re in school, and the positive outcome is going to be admission to a future class after at least two years work experience.

“You can work for a third year, many people are, but it has to be with a plan in place. Yes, international students can participate in 2+2. Please be mindful of the fact that if you are not a U.S. citizen, there is no way that we can arrange a work visa for you here. Find your own job. You don’t get the resources that our current MBA students get from our extensive professional development office.

“It’s about a 100-person cohort. Why apply? I think you are kind of a planful generation. If you aren’t then your parents are. So it’s nice to have sort of a goal in mind and the ability to take some choices to do things that you might not if you didn’t know that your next step was going to be pretty good and pretty clear.

If you are denied admission to 2+2 after interview, I give you feedback, and if anyone applies during then there is no stigma about reapplying later. One of the real dangers, is that people think that if you are not admitted to 2+2, which is a tiny program, we hate to think that you might go away and never think of yourself as a candidate for HBS. We already have people matriculating who applied during the regular process after being turned down.

“OK, this is the deal: summer round application deadline is July 10, that is for 2+2 only. And then the other rounds, these are all going to be up on the website. When we say early release – for round 1, if you apply on Sept 24, early November you will either be invited to interview or you will be released. Which means you are not going to move forward in our application process which means you can go on with plan B. You do not need to sit and be anxious for another month and a half or so.”

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