Dee Leopold’s Harvard B-School Webinar Slides

Leopold: “These are the historical numbers. We have about 9,950 applications. We know that each year in order to get to a class of 900, which is pretty steady state for us: that we are going to invite about 1800 to interview. So we really don’t know what that left-hand side number is going to be but we really do know that the interview number is going to be around 1800.

“When you are invited to interview, you have a little better than 50/50 chance of being admitted. That’s our model. We like the interview to be a not a slam dunk, but neither do we want it to be such a long shot. That it really was, kind of, fair game.

“So we get about 1000 offers of admission and from there about 900 of our admits choose to matriculate with us.”

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