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Organizational Design

Managing the Organization: From Organizational Design to Execution

School: University of Illinois

Platform: Coursera

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Start Date: April 2016

Workload: Not Specified

Instructor: Huseyin Leblebici

Credentials: Leblebici is a professor of business administration at the University of Illinois, where he teaches courses in organizational behavior since 1982. During his tenure, he has also headed the school’s Office of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship and served interim head of the business administration department. His research has also been published in distinguished academic journals like the Strategic Management Journal and Annals in Social Responsibility.

Graded: Students can choose to explore course videos, discussions, and ungraded assignments for free, but they won’t be able to submit graded assignments, earn a certificate, or complete a specialization without paying a $79 fee.

Description: Want to know what a company goals and values? Take a look at how it is designed. Where are personnel allocated? How closely are divisions intertwined? Where is senior management in relation to the front line and the end user? Indeed, organizations are structured to enhance service, facilitate growth, boost speed, cut costs, and maximize revenue. If design is destiny, it also reveals an organization’s assets and strategy – along with its vulnerabilities.

According to Leblebici, this course focuses on four key “linkages

1. How organizational growth and life cycle requires design changes to improve execution;

2. How managerial decision making can be improved through better organization design;

3. How the design of human resource practices shape the culture of the organization; and

4. How innovation and change can be facilitated through organization design.

At the completion of this course, students will be able to answer these questions:

1) What are the managerial implications of organizational growth and life cycle?

2) How do you improve managerial decision making through organizational design?

3) How do human resource management policies shape organizational culture?

4) How do organizations plan for top management succession and change?

5) How do you know that your organization design is not effective?

6) How do you manage organizational change and innovation?

Review: No reviews.

Additional Background: This course is part of a “Strategic Leadership and Management” specialization,” a six course series that includes a capstone project. It covers the foundations and applications of leadership, organizational design, and business and corporate strategy. To learn more about these courses and register for them, CLICK HERE.

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