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MIT's Otto Scharmer

MIT’s Otto Scharmer

u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future

School: MIT

Platform: edX

Registration Link: REGISTER HERE

Start Date: September 8, 2016 (8 Weeks Long)

Workload: 5-10 Hours Per Week

Instructors: Otto Scharmer, Dayna Cunningham, Adam Yukelson, Kelvy Bird, Julie Arts, Arawana Hayashi, Lili Xu Brandt, Ela Ben-Ur

Credentials: Scharmer is a senior lecturer at MIT, where he received the 2015 Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching. He is responsible for developing the concept of “presencing,” a combination of an open mind, heart, and will designed to provide a deeper self-awareness and the recognition of how changes will impact the whole. He will be assisted in the course by Dayna Cunningham, executive director of MIT’s Community Innovators Lab, and several staffers from Scharmer’s Presencing Institute.

Graded: Students who complete all course requirements can receive a verified statement of completion for $49.

Description: How do you lead change? To start, you learn about yourself. Even more, you listen more than you talk, so you know where change may lead ­—and can harness the energy behind it. These are some of the principles behind an MIT-developed methodology called Theory U, which can help you better connect with yourself, your peers, and the emerging trends surrounding and shaping you. As part of this course, students will learn how to conduct sensing, listening, and suspending exercises with the goal of eventually producing a prototype.

Review: “For an international online course with so many participants it was still a personally very valuable experience. It brought people practically together in very modern ways to communicate that were facilitated very well. If you are open you can take out a lot from this course. I am very grateful that I could participate and I am still drawing on the comprehensive framework and methods the team compiled. Participation for me was really worth it!” For additional reviews, click here.

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