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Advanced Competitive Strategy


School: Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München (LMU)

Platform: Coursera


Start Date: September 5, 2016 (7 Weeks)

Workload: 2-4 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Tobias Kretschmer

Credentials: Kretschmer teaches in the areas of strategy, technology, and operations at LMU, where he specializes in high tech industries. A Ph.D. in Economics, Kretschmer has previously taught at the London School of Commerce (LSC) and HEC Paris.

Graded: Students will receive a signed Certificate of Completion for finishing the course.

Description: Drawing heavily from game theory, Advanced Competitive Strategy offers seven new modules grounded in real world examples. In this course, students will learn how to use social media to build buzz; properly manage the breadth and structure of their product portfolio; establish partnerships to enhance the value offered to customers; integrate various pricing strategies to reinforce customer loyalty; and identify potential merger and acquisition targets to build a company’s customer base and portfolio. As before, the course will be taught through 8-12 minute video lectures, with students evaluated through quizzes, optional case study assignments, and a required final exam.

Review: “A slightly harder and more confusing version of Competitive Strategy – whilst not formally requiring CS as a prerequisite I did find this course quite difficult even having done the beginner version.

Overall the material was still very well presented and Prof Tobias and his team make a lot of effort both in the videos and in the forums to ensure ample understanding by students. Videos are also timed optimally to maximise learning capabilities. Perhaps it would help if, like some other courses, a recommended textbook or some supporting text were prescribed to support the lectures.

Additional Note: This is the second part of Kretschmer’s Competitive Strategy course. To read reviews about his first course, click here. Please note that taking the first course is not a prerequisite for enrolling in Advanced Competitive Strategy.” For additional reviews, click here.

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