Meet Northwestern Kellogg’s MBA Class Of 2022

Kellogg-Gies Plaza

5) Facilities: “The campus was a huge selling point as well. I wasn’t familiar with Chicago and Evanston, but I was blown away by the Kellogg campus with and the Global Hub, which sits on Lake Michigan. The building is open and modern but with lots of convivial spaces. You can see downtown Chicago from the Hub but you have the benefit of tons of green space (I love to run) on the Northwestern campus.”
Christianne Johnson (’22)

6) Healthcare: “Kellogg has a very strong emphasis on healthcare management. While that is important, I also wanted a business school in which I learned from other industries and their business practicum, rather than a school that segmented off the healthcare-focused students. Kellogg’s collaborative culture and groupwork environment led me to believe that some of the best learning occurs through listening to diverse peers, their experiences, and their approaches. The problems we face in the 21st century are complex, especially in healthcare. Solving them will take a diverse and motivated team. I felt that the Kellogg experience reflects that mindset.”
Amir Dixit (’20)

7) Family Enterprise: “Lastly, the The John L. Ward Center for Family Enterprises at Kellogg was a real attraction for me. A few of my family members had taken an Executive Education course called ‘Family Business Governance’ through the center, and I had the opportunity to attend a few classes with them. In just a few discussions, I learned a lot about how I could improve my family’s business. I knew it would be beneficial for my future.”
Ramon da Silva Sampaio (’22)

8) Hear My Story: The hope is that through the variety of programming offered, there are many events that resound strongly with each prospective student. For several people, that comes through in the ‘Hear My Story’ series or through Small Group Dinners. Both events are a way for people to get candid feedback about the current student experience while answering tough questions and sharing their personal perspective about finding the right fit for your business school goals.”
Niina Al-Hassan (’20)

Presentation at the Women’s Leadership Seminar at Kellogg

“I’m most excited about “Hear My Story” put on by the Kellogg Student Association’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion team. Hear My Story is like “The Moth” monologue-style storytelling series wherein a Kellogg student shares his or her unique story. The purpose of these events is to create inclusive environments on topics that represent the myriad of Kellogg student experiences including stories on LGBTQ, mental health, Wom(x)n veterans, disability, sexual assault, and more. I find the bravery to be so openly vulnerable with the intent to share your humanity in front of hundreds of peers to be inspirational and touching.”
Emilly Kuo (’22)

9) KWEST: “Kellogg has so many great traditions, from KWEST, Kellogg’s Worldwide Exploration Student Trips that happen right before matriculation to Special-K, Kellogg’s live comedy performances that have been held since 1980. My favorite weekly event is “TG” (Kellogg’s abbreviation of TGIF), happy hours held every Friday after class. They serve as the perfect time to catch up with classmates after a hectic week, in an informal and fun environment. Further, students with kids would meet up and have pizza at the exclusive Kellogg Kids Club TG!”
Guilherme Blanski Küster (’20)

10) Charity Auction Ball: “The Charity Auction Ball (CAB) is my favorite event at Kellogg. CAB is an annual ball organized and hosted by students in which Kellogg students, faculty, and staff auction off their talents, creativity, and resources to raise money for local charities.

The student body works together to carefully select and partner with a few charities that resonate with the ‘give back’ outlook at Kellogg. The event embodies the best of Kellogg: leveraging the connectivity and passions of the Kellogg community into making a tangible impact on the greater Chicago area.”
Amar Dixit, Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Northwestern Kellogg MBA grads. Kellogg photo


First round interviews and second round deadlines are now around the corner. How can Kellogg applicants increase their odds of landing a spot in the Class of 2023?  Here is what past graduates had to say…

I advise you to self-reflect. Genuine self-reflection will bring you more clarity in understanding your life story, current interests, and vision for the future. When you apply to Kellogg, stay authentic and this self-awareness will translate into a very high-quality application.”
Amar Dixit (’20)

“Make sure you understand and fit into the Kellogg culture. Connect with multiple Kellogg people and, if possible, go visit the school, attend a class at the beautiful Global Hub building, go to a TG or other social events, and feel Kellogg’s atmosphere in person. If you are collaborative, empathetic, brilliant, and a true brave leader, you will fit perfectly in this community.”
Guilherme Blanski Küster (’20)

“Be yourself and pick the school with the culture that’s the right fit for you. When putting together your application materials and picking out schools, it’s important to convey what you want the admissions counselors to know about you that isn’t obvious from your LinkedIn profile. It is important to be authentic in your essays and interviews rather than saying or writing what you think people want to hear. On culture, every school is different, and the best way to get a good feel is to visit on a preview day or reach out to current students to get their perspective.”
Niina Al-Hassan (’20)

What led the Northwestern Kellogg’s Class of 2022 to pursue an MBA degree? What programs did they consider? What was the toughest question they were asked in the admissions process? How did they determine the right school fit? Find out answers to these questions and many more by clicking the student links below. 

MBA Student Hometown Undergrad Alma Mater Last Employer
Aishwarya Bedekar New Delhi, India University of Delhi Atlan
Roberto Chavez Flores Morelia, Mexico Tec de Monterrey Family Business
Ramon da Silva Sampaio Salvador, Brazil Instituto Federal da Bahia Petrobras
Christianne Johnson Houston, Texas University of Pennsylvania BlackRock
Hereford Johnson Joliet, IL University of Illinois at Chicago Deloitte Consulting
Emily Kuo Diamond Bar, CA Duke University Amazon
Mashiwat Mahbub Dhaka, Bangladesh Wellesley College State Street Global Advisors
Raman Malik Birmingham, AL Colgate University Lyft
Michelle Morales San Juan, Puerto Rico Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3Degrees Group, Inc.
Alyssa Posklensky Livingston, NJ Emory University Newell Brands (Elmer’s Glue)
Gonzalo Roque Houston, TX Texas A&M University Bain & Company
Mike Wise Hinsdale, IL Princeton University Seed 2 Growth (S2G) Ventures

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