An Invite To Interview At MIT Sloan

[SIDEBAR]: I find it hilarious that just about any of the times that I’ve checked this same iPhone (with its broken “Black Nerds Unite” phone cover) with baited breathe–nada; or a marketing email from a school; or some other dumb ish. Yet, each time there was REAL news, like my interview invites to Wharton and Booth, I wasn’t even checking for anything important [/END SIDEBAR].

At any rate, before I can even click on the inbox the preview window says something about “MIT Sloan Interviews”. Ah, I’ve been here before. I clicked the actual email to confirm (because Sloan sends more marketing emails that ANY other school–which used to be nerve racking; now, I just laugh because that’s so much easier on my mind and body than the cardiac arrest that I used to go into; IJS) that it is what I think it is.

IT IS (!)… an invite to interview at MIT Sloan(!)…that is.

**WARNING: what happens next is ghetto**

So without so much as a thought, I plunge out of my chair and excuse myself from the meeting with two feet of beat up snotty tissue trailing from my hand–AS I continue to read the email with my iPhone up in my face–AS my boss is making some insightful point. Real classy.

My goal? I need to get to my desk to confirm my desired interview time before somebody takes the spot I want. 2/3 of the available times are on days that I have a bunch of meetings; and that’s the last thing I need.

I hop down one flight of stairs, touching many doorknobs and continuing to spreading more plague and pestilence, no doubt. An employee tries to ask me something on my way to my desk and gets shushed with a waive of my snotty tissue (as in, STFU–I’m busy).

The Goodie Drawer–I Mean, Browser

Once at my desk, I open up that special browser window–you know the one–your secret browser with 5 tabs open to P&Q/BTG/GmatClub/Blog Stats etc that you keep BEHIND all of the other browser windows at work—yeah, that one. It’s the cyber equivalent to the bed stand that you have to remove your box and replace them with a KJV bible when your parents come to visit.

Since this browser window stays open 24/7 to my special MBA applicant gmail account –you know, the one with your legit government name that didn’t even exist before you applied to b-school, because your REAL email would raise questions about your judgement on a resume–I was ‘ret to go without needing to waste time logging in (thank you Google for two week continuous sign in). I clicked all the appropriate stuff, scheduled an interview and walked back into my meeting–kangol still on but minus the snotty tissue (the good news cleared my sinuses. Amazing)–like nothing ever happened. Smooth.

Now, I have yet another activity to keep me busy while waiting for my final admission status from Booth and Wharton–prepping for my (much anticipated) interview at Sloan. Nice.

P.S. CONGRATS to my commiseraters Unclear Admit and Sassafras, who’ve been admitted to Dartmouth (Tuck!) and Yale, respectively. Hopefully I’ll be able to pop a cyber bottle myself sometime soon. We’ll see what the future holds.

MBAOver30 offers the perspective of a 30-something, California-based entrepreneur who is applying to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Northwestern, Chicago, Dartmouth, Yale, and Berkeley.. He hopes to gain acceptance to the Class of 2015 and blogs at MBAOver30.

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