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Candidate Name Top Choice School Industry
Mr. Marine Corps Stanford GSB Government / Military
Mr. Deferred MBA Stanford GSB Banking & Finance
Mr. JD Explorer Stanford GSB Banking & Finance
Mr. Egyptian VC Stanford GSB Venture Capital
Mr. Dr. Technocrat Stanford GSB Government / Military
Mr. Energy Focus Stanford GSB Power / Energy
Mr. Car Engineer Stanford GSB Automotive
Mr. Corp Finance Stanford GSB Technology
Mr. Big Brother Stanford GSB Government / Military
Mr. Blockchain Stanford GSB Technology
Mr. Clown Stanford GSB Other
Mr. BizTech Stanford GSB Technology
Mr. Doctor Who Stanford GSB Nonprofit / B-Corp
Mr. Army Man Stanford GSB Government / Military
Mr. Dual Citizen Stanford GSB Consulting
Mr. Aviation Geek Stanford GSB Aerospace
Mr. Baseball Guy Stanford GSB Sports Management
Mr. Ambitious CPA Stanford GSB Consulting
Just Jim Stanford GSB Technology
Mr. Army Engineer Stanford GSB Engineering
Ms. Freelancer HEC Paris Technology
Mr. AC Stanford GSB Automotive
Ms Journalist HEC Paris Media
Mr. Clean Columbia Consulting
Mr. Army Guy IESE Government / Military
Mr. Teacher To IB Wharton Education
Ms. VC Hopeful Harvard Accounting
Mr. Rowing Guy London Business School Construction Management
Mr. Oil Baron Harvard Engineering
Mr. PE To Startup Wharton Banking & Finance
Mr. Food & Beverage Wharton Consulting
Mr. Spaniard MIT Sloan Consulting
Mr. Navy Nuke Harvard Consulting
Mr. Low Gmat NYU Stern Banking & Finance
Mr. Navy Supply Harvard Government / Military
Mr. Investor Stanford GSB Banking & Finance
Mr. LGBT+CPG Berkeley Haas CPG
Mr. Army Said Business School Government / Military
Mr. MBA Attorney Yale Other
Mr. Dark Horse NYU Stern Technology
Mr. SEA Explorer SDA Bocconi Technology
Mr. Ambition Berkeley Haas Consulting
Mr. London Artist Harvard Technology
Mr. Healthcare VC Harvard Healthcare
Mr. Fintech CTO Stanford GSB Banking & Finance
Mr. Half-letic Harvard Consulting
Mr. Founder Stanford GSB Technology
Mr. ESG Investor Harvard Banking & Finance
Mr. US Energy Columbia Power / Energy
Mr. Banker To CPG Leader Chicago Booth Banking & Finance
Mr. AI PM INSEAD Technology
Ms. MU Wharton Marketing
Mr. Military Med Wharton Government / Military
Mr. Medicine Man Kellogg SOM Consulting
Mr. Macro Tuck Banking & Finance
Mr. Army Ski Bum Tuck Government / Military
Ms. Grocery Lady Kellogg SOM Retail
Mr. Tech Auditor Kellogg SOM Banking & Finance
Mr. Sick To Fit Kellogg SOM Technology
Mr. Product Guy Kellogg SOM Technology
Mr. Vet To Tech Harvard Government / Military
Mr. FAANG SWE Chicago Booth Technology
Mr. Refrad McCombs School of Business Government / Military
Mr. HK INSEAD Transportation
Mr. King David INSEAD Law
Mr. Redleg Tuck Technology
Ms. Asia Risk INSEAD Banking & Finance
Mr. Tech Leader INSEAD Engineering
Mr. X Factor Columbia Healthcare
Mr. Vlad-Florian Columbia Banking & Finance
Mr. RE Investment Columbia Real Estate
Mr. GrandVoid Columbia Banking & Finance
Mr. Alien Columbia Other
Mr. Auction King SDA Bocconi Automotive
Ms. Petrochemical Wharton Manufacturing
Mr. Tech Bill Ross Marketing
Mr. Aviator Cornell Johnson Other
Mr. Just Checking NYU Stern Venture Capital
Mr. Alpinist Tuck Banking & Finance
Mr. Audio Foster School of Business Healthcare
Mr. Spaceman Wharton Government / Military
Mr. Data Deferred Kellogg SOM Technology
Mr. Michelin Man MIT Sloan Automotive
Mr. D&I Harvard Consulting
Mr. Smart Cities Tuck Consulting
Mr. Story Teller Kellogg SOM Government / Military
Ms Tennis HEC Paris Other
Mr. OCD Berkeley Haas Technology
Ms. Nurse Duke Fuqua Healthcare
Mr. Southeast PE Wharton Banking & Finance
Ms. Asian Finance Tuck Accounting
Mr. Ankit Agarwal Duke Fuqua Manufacturing
Mr. Oil & Energy Kellogg SOM Power / Energy
Ms. Greenies Lady Stanford GSB Technology
Ms. Economics Stanford GSB Other
Ms. ChemE Stanford GSB Engineering
Ms. Black Pharma Stanford GSB Healthcare
Ms. Asian Media Stanford GSB Media
Mr. London PE Stanford GSB Banking & Finance
Mr. Product Stanford GSB Technology