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Candidate Name Industry Top Choice
Mr. Aerospace Defense Engineer Aerospace Wharton
Ms. Clinical Research Healthcare MIT Sloan
Mr. Upward Mobility Impact Investor Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Marine Biologist To Consultant Consulting Yale
Mr. Healthcare Executive Healthcare Duke Fuqua
Mr. Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur Law Duke Fuqua
Ms. 33 Year Old Investment Banker Banking & Finance Columbia
Mr. Medicine Man Consulting Wharton
Mr. Clean Meat Agriculture Kellogg
Ms. Consulting To Non-Profit Consulting Harvard
The Insurer Consulting Harvard
Ms. World Explorer Automotive Harvard
Ms. Woman Power Accounting Harvard
Ms. Well-Designed Real Estate Real Estate Harvard
Ms. VC Hopeful Accounting Harvard
Ms. URM Government / Military Harvard
Ms. Up & Coming Impact Investor Power / Energy Harvard
Ms. Transformation Consulting Harvard
Ms. Tech Impact Technology Harvard
Ms. Tech For Good Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Teach For America Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Ms. Structural Engineer Engineering Harvard
Ms. Strategy Consultant By Day, Social Impact Consultant By Night Consulting Harvard
Ms. STEM Consultant Consulting Harvard
Ms. Software Accessibility Technology Harvard
Ms. Social Good Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Ms. Social Enterprise/Healthcare Consulting Harvard
Ms. Social Changemaker Technology Harvard
Ms. Single Mothers Startup Consulting Harvard
Ms. Shy Investment Banker Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Risk-Taker Technology Harvard
Ms. Retail Forever Technology Harvard
Ms. Retail Enthusiast Retail Harvard
Ms. Quant Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Project Leader Consulting Harvard
Ms. Product Designer Technology Harvard
Ms. Peace In The Middle East Technology Harvard
Ms. Nurturing Sustainable Growth Technology Harvard
Ms. Media Entertainment Media Harvard
Ms. Marketing Family Business Marketing Harvard
Ms. Lucky Charm CPG Harvard
Ms. Life Science Grad & Self Made Marketer Technology Harvard
Ms. Jolly Athlete Media Harvard
Ms. JMZ Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Indian Quant Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Indian Energy Girl Power / Energy Harvard
Ms. Indian Business Analyst Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Impact Investor Venture Capital Harvard
Ms. IB To PE Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. IB Deferred Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. HR To Finance CPG Harvard
Ms. Hollywood To Healthcare Media Harvard
Ms. Highly Involved Engineering Harvard
Ms. Health Equity Entrepreneur Healthcare Harvard
Ms. Harvard Hopeful Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Ms. Global Connector Technology Harvard
Ms. Gay Techie CPG Harvard
Ms. Gay Engineer Engineering Harvard
Ms. FMCG Enthusiast Seeking Second MBA Marketing Harvard
Ms. Fintech To Tech Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Female Sales Leader Technology Harvard
Ms. Fashion Tech Technology Harvard
Ms. Eternal Optimism Power / Energy Harvard
Ms. Environmental Impact Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Egyptian Heritage Technology Harvard
Ms. Developing Markets Consulting Harvard
Ms. Data Analyst In Logistics Other Harvard
Ms. Craniofacial Healthcare Harvard
Ms. Consumer Sustainability Technology Harvard
Ms. Consumer Investor Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. Comeback Kid Aerospace Harvard
Ms. Chemical Engineer Consulting Harvard
Ms. British Surgeon Healthcare Harvard
Ms. Biotech Ops Healthcare Harvard
Ms. Biotech Leadership Healthcare Harvard
Ms. Big Dream Deferred Enroller Other Harvard
Ms. Big 4 M&A Manager Consulting Harvard
Ms. B-School Dropout Consulting Harvard
Ms. Athlete Entrepreneur Consulting Harvard
Ms. Analytical Leader Real Estate Harvard
Ms. Ambitious Hippie Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Ms. Ambitious Dreamer Technology Harvard
Ms. Almost Ballerina Consulting Harvard
Ms. Afropreneur Accounting Harvard
Ms. Aero-Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. 2+2 Trader Banking & Finance Harvard
Ms. 2+2 ENG Entrepreneur Consulting Harvard
Mrs. Nebraska Construction Management Harvard
Mr. Youngest CEO Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. Young European Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. Young Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. West African Finance Supply Chain / Logistics Harvard
Mr. Welsh PE Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Veteran Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Upward Trajectory Real Estate Harvard
Mr. Undecided Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. UK Trader Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. UHNW Family Office Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Transitioning Army Engineer Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Transition Investor Venture Capital Harvard
Mr. Tourist Development Of India Other Harvard
Mr. Touching Down Transportation Harvard
Mr. Top Firm Intern Technology Harvard
Mr. The Italian Dream Job Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. The Builder Construction Management Harvard
Mr. Techie Turning Tides Engineering Harvard
Mr. Tech Start-Up Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Tech Risk Technology Harvard
Mr. Tech Program Manager Technology Harvard
Mr. Tech Entrepreneur Technology Harvard
Mr. Tech CPA Technology Harvard
Mr. Tax CPA Accounting Harvard
Mr. Sustainability Consulting CPG Harvard
Mr. Sustainability Consultant Engineering Harvard
Mr. Supply Chain Photographer Automotive Harvard
Mr. Submariner Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Student Product Manager Technology Harvard
Mr. Strategy For Social Good Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Strategy Consultant Middle East Consulting Harvard
Mr. Strategy Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Strategist Supply Chain / Logistics Harvard
Mr. STEM Minor Technology Harvard
Mr. Startup Engineering Harvard
Mr. Start-Up PM Technology Harvard
Mr. Spanish Army Officer Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Sovereign Wealth Fund Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. South Asian Entrepreneur Consulting Harvard
Mr. Sommelier Other Harvard
Mr. Soldier Boy Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Software PE Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Software Engineer Engineering Harvard
Mr. Smart Operations Consulting Harvard
Mr. Small Islander Aerospace Harvard
Mr. Security Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. Second MBA Cofounder Marketing Harvard
Mr. Scottish Veteran Construction Management Harvard
Mr. Schoolmaster Education Harvard
Mr. Samaritan Analyst Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Sales To Harvard Technology Harvard
Mr. Sales To Consulting Technology Harvard
Mr. Roaming Risk Manager Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. RIPKobe Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Research 2+2 CPG Harvard
Mr. Renewables Athlete Power / Energy Harvard
Mr. Renewable Energy Transition Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Renewable Energy Investing Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Renewable Athlete Power / Energy Harvard
Mr. Relationship Manager Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Public Health Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Public Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Professional Boy Scout Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Pro Athlete FAANG Engineer Technology Harvard
Mr. Private Equity Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Polyglot Other Harvard
Mr. Political Consultant Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Policy Development Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Poet & Don’t Know It Consulting Harvard
Mr. Pipeline Engineer To Consulting Public Utilties Harvard
Mr. Pharma Engineer Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Pharma Capital Projects Construction Management Harvard
Mr. Perseverance Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Perseverance Technology Harvard
Mr. PE Strategist Consulting Harvard
Mr. Overrepresented MBB Consultant (2+2) Consulting Harvard
Mr. Oil Baron Engineering Harvard
Mr. Number Cruncher Technology Harvard
Mr. Nonprofit Social Entrepreneur Technology Harvard
Mr. Nonprofit Director & Startup Founder Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Non-Profit CEO Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Non-Profit Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. New England Hopeful Consulting Harvard
Mr. Neurotech Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Navy Supply Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Navy Submariner Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Navy Pilot Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Navy Nuke Consulting Harvard
Mr. Navy Nuclear Officer Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Native Norwegian Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Musical To MBA Media Harvard
Mr. MPP/MBA Technology Harvard
Mr. Mojo Engineering Harvard
Mr. Milk Before Cereals Consulting Harvard
Mr. Military Software Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Military Quant Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Military Long Shot Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Military Intelligence Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Military Banker Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Midwest Dreamer Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. Mid-Market Healthcare Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Merchant Of Debt Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. MedTech Startup Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Medical Student Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Med Device Manufacturing Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. MBB To Tech Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBB To Fintech Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBB Pilot Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBB Latino Engineer Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBB Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBB Associate Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBB Aspirant Consulting Harvard
Mr. MBA When Ready Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Markets Guy Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Marine Pilot Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Marine Investment Banker Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Mango Lover Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. MacGruber Government / Military Harvard
Mr. M&A Post-Startup Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. M&A Lawyer Law Harvard
Mr. M&A + Education Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Low GRE Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Low GPA, Great Experience Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Low GPA Product Manager Technology Harvard
Mr. Low GPA Ex-MBB Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. London Artist Technology Harvard
Mr. Little Late For MBA Consulting Harvard
Mr. Life Science Consultant Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Lieutenant To Consultant Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Learn New Tricks Technology Harvard
Mr. Latino Tech Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Latino Banker Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Latin International Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Latin America Consulting Harvard
Mr. Jeopardy! Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. IVY MBB Dreamer Technology Harvard
Mr. Italian In Tokyo Consulting Harvard
Mr. Irish Biotech Entrepreneur Technology Harvard
Mr. Investor & Operator (2+2) Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Investment Banker Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. International Oil Power / Energy Harvard
Mr. International Internal Auditor Government / Military Harvard
Mr. International Entrepreneur Supply Chain / Logistics Harvard
Mr. International Decision Maker Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Infantry Commander Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Industrial Goods To MBB Other Harvard
Mr. Indonesian Doctor Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Individual Major Technology Harvard
Mr. Indian Tech Bro Engineering Harvard
Mr. Indian Govt. Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Indian Entrepreneur Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Improve Healthcare Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Imposter Syndrome Technology Harvard
Mr. Impact Venture Capital Venture Capital Harvard
Mr. Impact Investment Venture Capital Harvard
Mr. IB/PE To Fintech Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. IB To Media Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Hustler Other Harvard
Mr. Human Resources Technology Harvard
Mr. Hopeful Philanthropist Technology Harvard
Mr. High School Teacher Education Harvard
Mr. Hedge Funder Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Hedge Fund Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Healthcare VC Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Healthcare PE Consulting Harvard
Mr. Healthcare IT Technology Harvard
Mr. Healthcare Investment Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Healthcare Fanatic Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Healthcare Administration & Policy Latino Advocate Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Health Clinic Founder Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Harvard Hopeful Technology Harvard
Mr. Harvard 2+2, Chances? Venture Capital Harvard
Mr. Half-letic Consulting Harvard
Mr. Half Poet, Half Quant Engineering Harvard
Mr. Habitat For Humanity Consulting Harvard
Mr. Green Energy Revolution Automotive Harvard
Mr. Government Entrepreneur Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Governance Reform Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Google Tech Technology Harvard
Mr. Go To Guy Automotive Harvard
Mr. Gay Singaporean Strategy Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. Future Travel Industry Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. Future Hedge Fund Manager Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Future Gates Foundation Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Future Family Legacy Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. Future F500 CEO Accounting Harvard
Mr. Future CEO Consulting Harvard
Mr. Fulbright Education Harvard
Mr. Fuel Cell Research Technology Harvard
Mr. Frontier Market VC Venture Capital Harvard
Mr. Frog Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Fresh Perspective Engineering Harvard
Mr. French In Japan Automotive Harvard
Mr. French Economist Consulting Harvard
Mr. Fraternity Philanthropy Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Forbes U30 & Big Pharma Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Football Author Consulting Harvard
Mr. Food Tech Start Ups Technology Harvard
Mr. Fitness Startup Consulting Harvard
Mr. First Gen Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. FinTech Marketing Technology Harvard
Mr. Finland Consulting Harvard
Mr. Financial Services Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Finance in Tech Technology Harvard
Mr. Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Fin-Tech PM Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. FBI To MBB Government / Military Harvard
Mr. FANG Software Engineer Technology Harvard
Mr. FAANG PM Technology Harvard
Mr. Equity Engineering Harvard
Mr. Enlisted Officer Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Engineering Perfectionist Technology Harvard
Mr. Engineering Doctor Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Engineer Penman Technology Harvard
Mr. EduTech Consulting Firm Technology Harvard
Mr. Early MBA Undergrad Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. E-Sports Coach Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Double Bachelor’s Investment Banker Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. DoD Scientist Technology Harvard
Mr. Diversity Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Disruptive Medical Technology Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Diplomat To Consultant Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Dhaval Accounting Harvard
Mr. Development Consultant Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Deferred MBB Intern (2+2) Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Deferred Hispanic Engineer Aerospace Harvard
Mr. Deferred Admission Education Harvard
Mr. Defense Engineer Engineering Harvard
Mr. Data & Strategy Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Cyberboi Wannabe Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Croda International Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. Cricket From Kashmir Power / Energy Harvard
Mr. CPPIB Strategy Consulting Harvard
Mr. CPG Product Manager CPG Harvard
Mr. CPA To Corporate Development Accounting Harvard
Mr. Corporate Lawyer Law Harvard
Mr. Corporate Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Consumer Goods Senior Manager CPG Harvard
Mr. Consulting To Public Service Consulting Harvard
Mr. Consulting To Emerging Markets Banking Consulting Harvard
Mr. Conquering Adversity Media Harvard
Mr. Community Impact Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Comeback Kid Technology Harvard
Mr. Combat Pilot Non-Profit Leader Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Colombian Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. College Startup Media Harvard
Mr. Coder To VC Or Finance Technology Harvard
Mr. Climate Finance Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Climate Consulting Harvard
Mr. Certain Government Guy Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Car Guy Automotive Harvard
Mr. Captain Mishra Transportation Harvard
Mr. Captain Asian America Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Business Doctor Healthcare Harvard
Mr. British Tech 2+2 Technology Harvard
Mr. Brimful Technology Harvard
Mr. Brightside Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard
Mr. Bright Side Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. Breakout Engineer Manufacturing Harvard
Mr. BrailleTooth Engineering Harvard
Mr. Boxing Supply Chain Manager Supply Chain / Logistics Harvard
Mr. Bone Surgeon Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Bomb Squad To Business Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Blackhawk Pilot Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Biotech Startup To PE Venture Capital Harvard
Mr. Billion Dollar Startup Technology Harvard
Mr. Big Pharma & Startup Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Big 4 To Healthcare Reformer Consulting Harvard
Mr. Big 4 Auditor Accounting Harvard
Mr. Berkeley Boy Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Belgium 2+2 Consulting Harvard
Mr. Basketball Banker Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Banking To Startup Technology Harvard
Mr. Banking To Media Media Harvard
Mr. Banking & Finance Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Bangladeshi Analyst Technology Harvard
Mr. Australian Navy Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Athlete Turned MBB Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. Athlete Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Aspiring Human Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Aspiring HealthTech Investor Consulting Harvard
Mr. Aspiring FinTech Entrepreneur Consulting Harvard
Mr. Aspiring Elected Official Consulting Harvard
Mr. Asian-Canadian SFA CPG Harvard
Mr. Asia Banking Consultant Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. Army To Developer To Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. Army Intelligence Officer Government / Military Harvard
Mr. Armenian Geneticist Healthcare Harvard
Mr. Amazon Manager Technology Harvard
Mr. Almost Olympics Construction Management Harvard
Mr. Air Force Seeking Feedback Government / Military Harvard
Mr. AI in Asia Technology Harvard
Mr. African Energy Power / Energy Harvard
Mr. Aerospace Project Manager Technology Harvard
Mr. Aerospace Engineer Aerospace Harvard
Mr. Aero Software ENG Aerospace Harvard
Mr. 2+2 Singing Consultant Consulting Harvard
Mr. 2+2 Filipino Social Entrepreneur Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr. 1st Gen Brazilian LGBT Banking & Finance Harvard
Mr Big 4 To IB Accounting Harvard
Dr. Life Scientist Healthcare Harvard
Dr. Harvard Biotech Nonprofit / B-Corp Harvard